Trick or Treat

Mixed media, 2019

Trick or Treat is a mise en scène of a candy store.   
The candy is given away for free and the visitor is free to taste everything that is on offer.

Excerpt from the exhibition text:

Eroglu employs curatorial decisions as well as artistic imagination to create a sensorial experience through the symbiosis of thoughts and flavours. By merging taste and visual components, he has developed a “language of sweets” that formulates questions of an abstract and critical sort. Trick or Treat is an ambiguous entanglement of writing, curating and various gastronomical endeavours. 

In the exhibition space, six types of candies are on display in glass jars. These edible artefacts are exhibited in a museum-like “packaging”. They are presented in classical bonbonnières on plexiglass pedestals. Each of the candies have diverse cultural connotations as if they were curiosities collected and brought from foreign lands. Their origin and specific characteristics may be unknown a priori to the local palate. Nevertheless these candies convey stories and generate discourses with a focus on cultural and sociopolitical dissidence through subjects such as blasphemy, martyrdom, vanity, consumerism and the ritual of circumcision. Each candy is compounded with an additional element that is activated upon the visitor’s ingestion. One of them serves as a point of departure from Eroglu’s childhood. With another confectionary of historical significance, the artist symbolically summons the intoxicating concept of martyrdom through a contribution of Bernardo Follini. A common characteristic of the candies is that they all merge  to form an expansive thought-structure.