McMansion Man

Digital camera, 4:3, 2014, 30 minutes


Thomas H aka Dos Equis aka The Dog Wizard is a man of many identities. He leads a free spirited, nomadic lifestyle with his canine entourage Bogey, Moschz and Ginger.

In Florida there is an astounding amount of houses for sale.
This has provided Thomas H with a unique method to secure a roof over his head: he moves into a house as a tenant under the pressumed intention of wanting to buy it.
When the owner discovers he isn’t paying rent, he is eventually evicted. This doesn’t discourage him in any way however.
With the vast amount of empty houses, this ingenious leader of the pack is always able to find a new domicile.

He is a contemplative man with many ideas of the world. He doces on subjects such as ‘dog cancer’, ‘cleanliness’, and ‘life after death’.

This work consists of a film as well as sculptural works, texts and photographs.