Witness (Şahit)

4-channel video installation
Camera: Arri Alexa
Running time: 60 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Commissioned by Brandts Museum
Producer: Feyzullah Yeşilkaya
Head of production: Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun
Cinematographer: Joanna Piechotta
Sound design: David Loscher

Witness (Şahit) is a video-installation that consists of four films that were recorded in different regions across Germany.
In it the artist shows to us the living conditions of four protagonists (two Turks, an Armenian and a Kurd) who share their profession, that of a kebab worker, but aside from that lead very different lives.
The work takes its inspiration from the case of the NSU-murders, in which two neo-Nazis drove around Germany over the span of six years, and in a way that appears arbitrary, assassinated nine different people, mostly immigrants working as kebab workers or green grocers.
Prior to making the work the artist spent extensive periods traveling around Germany in order to talk to, and get to know the kebabçılar, the people of the döner-imbisses.
The resulting tapestry of personal stories involves more than 30 actors, and as the spectator immerses herself in it, connections and parallels will become apparent, linking the four films together to create an expanded meaning.
According to the artist the ambition was to “make a portrait of people that live under the radar” and “in times of increased intolerance and division in Europe, to show the laws and logic of a reality whose existence many are surely unaware of.”