A Vacation


Camera:RED anamorphic format
Running time: 30 minutes (2018)
Produced by Mustafa Eroglu & Cem Eroglu
Cinematographer: Nicolas Geissler

From the M3 festival catalogue:

Often our ways of travelling are rather reckless, our clumsy attempts to experience a culture is increasing ignorance or resulting in damage and at times our naive wishes to broaden our worldview provoke the exact opposite, reinforcing feelings of superiority and privilege.

Abducting us into a cinematographic world of serene imagery and soothing landscapes we accompany a solitary traveller into the calm of the Turkish highlands. A very different kind of vacation than the one we can witness or experience in the city centre of Prague ensues, not only providing us with stark contrast in order to question growing tendencies to consume cheap, fast and superficial city trips but also addressing questions of lacking freedom of speech, possibilities of criticism and subversive alternatives to protest.

The swift change from the crowded streets of the city center into the cool and quiet cellar are partially intended as a break from the tourist frenzy close by, but we can only lay back and relax briefly, as we realise that underneath the alluring cinematic experience a story of personal protest unfolds, reminding us that the possibility to speak out depends very much on the geo-political context, same as our rights to travel and cross borders – one can be barred from entering a country for uttering unpleasant comments on Facebook, people are being held or imprisoned on pure suspicion with no formal charges – and not only in Turkey, where our lone anti-hero operates, but in many parts of Europe where we are facing transgressions and regression to laws that go against human connection or trust and climates of fear and anxiety are instigated and kept alive to support right-wing agitators by imposing censorship, control and violence into people’s lives and privacy.