Milk & Honey

Materials: polyurethane, honey,
Dimension: 20 m x 4 m

From Overgaden’s “Milk & Honey” exhibition text:

The title Milk & Honey refers to a Danish TV programme on Turkish immigrant workers called The Land of Milk and Honey, which was broadcast on Danish state television in 1989. The artist watched the programme when he was eight, and remembers it having a negative impact on his relationship to his Turkish background. Eroglu has described the sadness and disappointment he felt when he realised that a lot of people in Denmark didn’t care much for the people who had stayed in the country after originally being invited to come here as temporary migrant workers.

The title of the exhibition also alludes to the dream of Denmark as a land of plenty, flowing with milk and honey. For generations many immigrants and refugees have come to Denmark with high hopes that have had to be adjusted in the face of a culture that was perhaps less friendly and welcoming than they had anticipated. The works in the exhibition therefore go beyond Deniz Eroglu’s personal family history, and can be read as a portrait of Danish society and the Danes’ treatment of ‘outsiders’ – people like Eroglu’s father, who came to Denmark in the late 1970s.

With this installation Eroglu has created a veritable land of milk & honey consisting of sticky oversize Danish crowns and a pulsating milky river reminiscent of industrial food troughs typically used in Danish pig farms.

Baba World

Computer game, (2016)

Literally a playful work wrapped in retro aesthetics, Baba World transports us directly back to childhood memories, as we play a Super Mario inspired game that features Baba as the main character and hero. Super Baba not only has to collect as many coins as possible but also skilfully escape the piggish menace. The painstakingly accumulated wealth of our jump-and- run hero is directly deducted from the Danish state treasury but one wrong step, be it an encounter with a sinful pig or the fiery lavas of hell the treasure hunt of the immigrant ends abruptly and Super Baba ascends to heaven.