The Shipwrecked Triptych



The Shipwrecked Triptych Part I: Mutiny

2023, 16 mm kodachrome duration: 30 minutes

New Years Eve 1982 in an elderly home in Germany. The nurses decide to put the inhabitants to sleep early to have a party.


The Shipwrecked Triptych Part II: Boarding

2023, 35 mm transferred to VHS, duration: 30 minutes

A bureaucrat turns up unexpectedly to inspect a Congolese family on a hot summer’s day in Western Germany in the late 1980’s. As he stays around after it gets dark, the parents begin to expect that something isn’t right.

A Piece of Work



2023, b&w, duration: 30 minutes

A Piece of Work is a twin work to A Vacation. A revisit, additional thoughts, as it were, which describe the conspicuous conditions under which the first film was made. The title has three meanings: it denotes an art work. In a colloquial sense, it refers to a “difficult individual”. Lastly it represents a contrast to the title A Vacation. In this film, which can be described as equal parts comedy, sociological study and self-criticism (a Western artist inserting himself in a context he is not fully at home in), Eroglu places himself in front of the camera as an actor alongside his father and the actor of A Vacation Hüseyin Isçi besides casting a roster of locals from the first film. In contrast to A Vacation, which was shot in cinemascope to convey the vistas of the mountainous location, this film is shot in the square aspect ratio 4:3, and focuses more on the collective of people that populate the film as it describes the laborious efforts it took to produce the first film. One film portrays this place in colour, the other is shot in b&w. Its focus is the interiority of the place and the people, whereas A Vacation is characterised by an exteriority, panoramas and figures in those landscapes that serve as a metaphor for agency: the idea that moving freely in a landscape can signify agency in an oppressive environment. Here, instead of open fields and emancipation, we are locked inside deterministic squabbles. Each character assuming their role; the ambitious artist, the apathetic actor, and impatient baba.
The film critically probes the concept of the “political artist”, who, through an activistic act, seeks to enforce change.